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We're Upgrading Our Computer Systems to Serve You Better

In January and February you may experience longer wait times to receive assistance when you visit any one of our three Customer Contact Centers. We are making improvements that will allow us to provide you with better service in the future. We appreciate your patience as we make these necessary adjustments. In January and February 2011 we recommend that you visit the Walk-In Center for essential services only. See the link below for a list of essential services.

This is an interesting development, a NEW SYSTEM is being upgraded while the bugs and kinks haven't been worked out the original version.

Granted the upgrade will hopefully alleviate many of the technical glitches but what is being done about the real "guts and bones" of the system? Will residents continue to be given repair dates as long as 2 years out?

One of the suggestions by the residents of NYCHA is rely more on actual people as opposed to computers and technology that looks at every situation as another number without the ability to determine emergency or significant situations.

It appears, to date the only persons singing the praises of the new system are NYCHA officials and the programs developers. The resident and employee sections of the chorus are very noticeably quiet!

We can expect more to follow these developments.

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  1. This development does offer help to the community and to people that also don't really have alot of money. I think they are doing a great job. Let help eachother make it continue.